Spring Film Therapy: €45 for a 3 hour session.

An innovative approach to Mental Health and better Emotional Well-Being. Try our Spring Film Therapy: Love Will Find a Way is a 1 hour 20 minute coaching documentary, coaching mental resilience and life skills. It aims at empowering its audience by giving them new strategies to handle life-challenging situations better.

This film illustrates a true story of a family dealing with all the first difficult stages of separation or divorce and shows new strategies in how they handled the traumatic situation. It also aims at raising awareness on children’s needs during this devastating time and inspires parents to focus on what is important for their children.

It is thought provoking and therapeutic. Following the film, the audience are invited for a question and answer session with the film director and protagonist herself. Sharon Cusens Life Coach, Psychology Graduate, Change Management Consultant and Author of Book Series: A Universal Language. Watch trailer. Mail us, to join our waiting list if you are interested to join our next event.