Disturbance of mental health can prove to be a silent destroyer of workplace productivity and employee satisfaction. this can take the shape of reduced productivity, higher insurance costs and increased absences. in fact, mental disorders are the top reason for not going to work. It’s been estimated that one in every five persons deals with a medically-diagnosed mental illness at some point in their adult life. Without explicit physical symptoms, individuals sometimes ascribe that feeling of “something wrong” to stress at the workplace, lack of sleep, or a host of other factors instead of getting to the root cause of the problem.

Successful organizations focus on mental health as a key benefit for their employees. Mental health can be a driving force for every enterprise, making the individual employee more productive and less stress-sensitive, handling daily challenges more creatively and efficiently, shaping the future courageously and establishing a company where everyone enjoys working. Thus, the promotion of employees’ mental health can achieve exactly what corporate social responsibility, sustainable development and employer branding mean in a positive sense, being a substantial human factor for a successful and attractive company.