Sharon, how did you get the idea for you company?

One thing led to another. Four years ago, I lived in completely different circumstances. I was a manager for a medical center near Frankfurt and was in charge of my family with three children. Then came my divorce … a process which started gradually, and which I described in my film “Love will find a Way”. I needed a release. All the pieces of my past experience came together, like a complete puzzle. I was a dancer and choreographer and had performed at the Royal Albert Hall in London. I was a hostess on ships of Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, responsible for 2000 people, the evening shows and the VIPs. I have a passion for film-making and even did some projects. I also studied Psychology and went through additional training for Change Processes. I was born and raised in Malta but spent a long time living in Germany. After my divorce, I decided to return to Malta and everything happened automatically. Spring Productions International (SPI) is all that I love to do. It combines all my skills and my passion for human beings and film-making.

And what triggered you to establish Spring Productions International?

In Malta, I met like-minded people in my family and surrounding network. The idea for an academy for positive change in a new way originated in a relaxed manner, combined with good food, splendid nature and the inspiring atmosphere of Malta, which makes you want to slow down, have a good time and find your purpose in life. I had the fortune of meeting Christel Mellanthin from the Health Management Institute in Berlin. I met Cynthia Grech, a great woman and great hostess with an incredibly inspiring manner. In her presence, everyone always feels fine. We found a Monastery with a garden and park as a perfect place of retreat. These provide the perfect conditions for a new combination of holiday and therapy.

How does your model of Spring Therapy differ from ther therapies and forms of health tourism?

Our totally networked, fast-changing world increases the risk of stress, psychological problems and burnout. In a new way, we try to give a hook in gaining self-awareness and self-recognition. We plant the seed that will gradually grow into inner excellence and positive change. If people implement the Spring model we coach whilst they are with us, we water the flower and they carry on doing that when they get back home and gradually their “Spring” will come and they will feel more human. At the end of our “monastery experiences”, people shall become their own coach for a fulfilling and successful life. We motivate and show a new approach to transform one’s life. We are an alternative to Psychotherapy or antidepressants. We coach in a relaxed matter and in a short period of time. We teach private and professional fulfillment and success. Normally, one comes at the expense of losing the other – we coach how to have both, for individuals but also for people from management and even CEOs, who face particular burdens.

Inner excellence and healthy lifestyles are not the only aspect which defines Spring Productions International. What about the “House of Inspiration” and the “Co Film Production Company”?

Yes, there is much more (laughs). The so-called “Spring Film Therapy” has evolved from my passion for film-making and my therapeutic work and there are extraordinary offers for stunning and exceptional film facilities and locations – we can provide 60.000 square meters of land as a filming location. Malta is also a hotspot of international film work and we are well connected with the movers and shakers of the industry. That has led to Spring Productions International being an academy and a co-production company. And there is a third department: the “House of Inspiration”, where we create and sell soul-made content to filmmakers, theatres, musicals and health companies. This is where our Spring Film Therapy documentaries are made.

In this context, what’s Spring Film therapy all about?

It’s where it all comes together. In 2013, I got the idea of making a video on the occasion of the birthday of my mother, Doris Cusens. In Malta, she was popular on TV and awarded the Medal of Distinguished Service to the Republic of Malta. It should have been a short video, but it turned out to be a 90-minute film. This is where I got inspired by the idea of using film as a tool to produce documentaries as film therapy, which is now a central part of SPI. In the film “Love will find a way” my therapeutical work connects with my film work. It’s a kind of self-therapy but also therapy for people who watch the movie. So we developed a special documentary film style. Whoever gets involved in this, makes a giant step forward. It becomes clear what the meaning and truth of existence is. The result is a universal language that appeals to, and is understood by, everyone. There is a great deal of interest. We are currently running 9 projects. And I’m also on the way to my next film: “Tango of life.”